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With Garage shelving or cabinets getting everything off the floor, you are ready for garage flooring!


Garage floor coating: Provides a waterproof and stain proof surface that is free from cracks, seams and gaps

Highly durable and maintenance free:This makes clean up a breeze. Just mop with any household cleaner or simply hose off.

Our garage floor coatings are the easiest way to transform your garage from a concrete cave to a beautiful, finished area of your home.

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We do the job right. These products will create a smooth, seamless and waterproof surface. 


Full Floor Prep: We prep your garage floor by diamond grinding the concrete to remove any contaminates or previous coatings, smoothing any cracks or defects in the concrete and filling any pits before applying our floor finish.


Professional installation: Installation is a two-step process generally taking up to two days and is normally ready for the family vehicle in 24 hours after completion.


Selection of Colors and Finishes: We offer a wide variety of solid or multiple colored options that include the decorative chip, quartz colors, and other custom options such as reflector enhanced and glitter options. We provide you with a full range of textured and solid floor finishes to compliment any work space or color scheme.


Increases Value: Having a floor that is not only beautiful but functional will add value to your home’s worth. Plus these floor coatings will last several years, and if properly maintained they will last a lifetime.


Safe Chemicals: We use only low VOC, Non-toxic chemicals that do not produce harmful vapors.right.




Top Reviews: Flooring has added a wow factor to their garages and made them the envy of the neighborhood.


Clean Garage Floor:  One of the greatest benefits of the garage flooring is the visual appeal to everyone that sees it.


Ease of Maintenance: With nothing on the floor garages have never been so easy to clean.  You just need a broom and a mop.


No More Oil Stains:  With a sealed floor.  Oil leaks and spills are easy to clean up.  All you need is cleaner and a rag.


No More Ugly Cracks:  We repair cracks before they install the flooring system.  Leaving a smooth floor with no cracks.


Sealed Concrete:  No more dust and particles getting into the floor.  Our sealed floors keep out the dirt.


Many Uses: This epoxy flooring can be used in areas other than the garage. It looks great on patios, sidewalks, basements, and warehouses. Quartz coatings are great for areas that require more slip resistance such as pool areas. The reflector enhanced option is great for show rooms or indoor areas.

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